How to Fix a Chip in Your Windshield

It is no matter how expensive your car, it is always prone to chips and cracks while on the road. We never know what will hit our windshield and create a web on the glass. Sometimes the birds, a small rock on the road, a strong twig from a tree, or anything that passes your way could damage your windshield if it was not your day.

The chips and cracks happened to spread and expand with time and weather. If you did not notice or leave it as it is, ignored treatment or repair, there are high chances they grow bigger and the entire windshield has to be replaced. There are no chances of not seeing a chip as it goes to your front. So most times the chips and cracks can be repaired.

If you encountered the chip and cracks immediately, you can even fix them at your home using the windshield repair kits. 

How to repair a chip or crack using a repair kit?

Let’s see the step-by-step process of fixing a chip or crack on the windshield using a kit.

Step 1: Buy a windshield repair kit from auto spare stores.

Step 2: Clean the auto glass without touching the chip or crack.

Step 3: Apply the filler and plastic pedestal into the chip or crack which comes with the kit.

Step 4: Inject the epoxy resin from the kit using a syringe.

Step 5: Let it cool and set. Remove the plastic pedestal.

Step 6: Wipe off extra epoxy from the chip and glass.

When am I at risk?

Before you going to use a kit, you should make sure the chip or crack is smaller to be repaired at home. A chip larger than a quarter and a crack more than three inches can not be fixed with a kit. It should be checked by a professional. The auto glass technician will tell if it can be repaired or need replacement.

How to prepare for chip repair at home? 

The most important thing to do is to buy a windshield repair kit from a reliable auto parts store. Ask the shop people about the best kit that will suit your car chip.

Remember the epoxy resin that comes with the repair kit has a shelf life so don’t forget to check the expiry date, if you are not sure, don’t hesitate to ask the employees. You should confirm that the kit is not idle on the shelf for more than six months.

To get the proper adhesion on the chip, prepare your windshield. Clean the outside of the windshield without stressing the chip otherwise, it will get bigger. If you use glass cleaner, don’t spray it directly onto the chip or crack. Instead wet the cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the glass surface with it.

Some kits advise getting UV light on epoxy resin. Check the package for the detail. If it does, take your car out of the garage and leave it to face the sunlight. But cover the repaired area from light. If it is raining, use a dryer to remove moisture from the chip or crack before using epoxy resin.

Follow these instructions along with the one that comes with the repair kit.